What SIM bank is

sim bank polygator filled with simcards
Sim Bank separates SIM-cards from mobile devices. The only thing to do is to insert SIM cards into SIM Bank like into any other GSM-device or mobile phone. This allows remote and centralized management of SIM-cards and dynamic distribution of SIM cards. There is no need to replace / reinstall SIM cards in the GSM-gateway directly.

The Polygator Sim Bank is an integrated controller for a 100 or 200 remote SIM cards. It can establish the communication between each SIM-card and the GSM-device via TCP/IP protocol. This provides a true separation between the cards and the equipment.

SIM Bank manages up to 200 SIM cards simultaneously and offers such functions as fast (hot) swapping, fast SIM-card exchange via the Internet and automatic replacement planning. By using SIM Bank user can implement advanced management of unattended devices. It is very useful for automation operations with SIM cards, such as SIM replacement and replenishment.


Advantages of remote access to SIM-cards with SIM Bank:

  • Secure and comfortable SIM-cards storage and operation
  • Dynamic distribution of SIM cards
  • No need to replace / reinstall SIM cards in the device
  • Hot swappable SIM cards without any interruption in service

sim bank with batch sim holder removedExample: A Polygator gateway with a Remote SIM card Management support no longer requires replacing SIM cards in the device or reinstalling them. Managing a group of Polygator gateways can be carried out remotely, efficiently and at minimal cost.

SIM Bank is a solution that provides full control over your SIM-cards. It allows you to store SIM-cards in one place and “broadcast” them using¬† TCP/IP . It transmits all necessary parameters for the remote operation of cards, in any GSM-gateways of your system, using Internet or Ethernet protocols.

The Polygator SIM bank with 200 SIM-holders and the possibility of remote access to it through the Internet. It connects Polygator gateways through the Internet. There is no need to install SIM-cards in the GSM-gateway. You can install GSM-gateways in different regions or countries meanwhile concentrating SIM cards in one place and managing the entire system remotely. 

This solution saves you time and significantly reduces administrative costs – no more trips to rearrange SIM cards.

Sim bank Polygator 200

Sim bank Polygator 100

Sim Bank for remote SIM management

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