VoIP GSM Gateway “Polygator G20” 4-24 channels

This is multichannel (4 to 16 channels) GSM-gateway. Every channel equipped with GSM-module and works similar to regular mobile phone. It may have phone number of any mobile operator. The device checks all outcoming calls and in case abonents match the “white-list”, the call being directed to gateway of other operator or to PBX connected with PSTN. The GSM-gate connected to PBX by Digital Subscriber Signalization (DSS1, 2Mbit/s E1 or T1, ISDN-PRI) (incoming and outcoming channels, total quantity – 30) or to IP-PBX via Ethernet (SIP).

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VoIP GSM Gateway Polygator is full-featured device for GSM/VoIP/SIP and GSM/SMS applications. So it provides communication between your SIP-application and mobile operator GSM-network with clear voice quality and 24/7 stable operation.

In addition there are models with WCDMA support available. The GSM Gateway operates under Linux (for ARM) and fully compatible with SIP/Asterisk environment. The IMEI codes change feature is available via WEB-GUI. This is highly relevant feature for advanced SIM-management tasks. Device fully supports remote SIM-management protocol.

There are several models available including 4/8/12/16/20/24-port VoIP GSM Gateways. Therefore 4-port gateway is able to make up to 4 calls simultaneously from IP phones to GSM networks and from GSM network to IP phone. Consequently 24-port gateway able to make up to 24 calls simultaneously from IP phones to GSM networks and from GSM network to IP phone.

In addition to voice, the VoIP GSM Gateway Polygator supports SMS sending and SMS receiving via various SMS protocols. It also allows you to create custom script (bash, php, etc.) to be started each time SMS arrives. While the Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) + WCDMA (2100, 3G) support available as additional (paid) option, the choice of Dual-band (900/1800) or Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900) is provided free of charge.

VoIP GSM Gateway main features

– 4/8/12/16/18/20/24 concurrent channels (depending on model)
– SIM Card Hot swapping
– Linux based, ARM CPU
– WEB GUI call routing setup
– DTMF support
– Digital audio quality (noise suppression, echo cancellation)
– Standard SIP (RFC2543,RFC3261) protocol
– Change IMEI via WEB GUI
– Allows your program to Send/Receive SMS via SMPP 3.4 or by AT-Commands
– supports Voice and SMS (only SMPP) to operate concurrently
– call forwarding to SIP
– Asterisk preinstalled


– Protocols:SIP (RFC2833, RFC2543,RFC3261)
– Hardware codecs: G.711 u-Law,G.711 a-Law,G.723,G.726,G.729A,G.729A/B
– Voice Quality: VAD,CNG,AEC,LEC,jitterbuffer


– Almost any kind of VoIP/GSM gateway application
– single all-in-one IP PBX
– device for creating GSM DID-numbers for any DID-platform
– SMS-gateway for any task especially when use SIM-Management


Manufacturer: Polygator

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VoIP GSM Gateway “Polygator G20” 4-24 channels

Additional information

Number of channels...

12, 16, 20, 24, 4, 8


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VoIP GSM Gateway “Polygator G20” 4-24 channels

Shipment and Package details

Package contains:

– Polygator G20 Gateway Box with installed channel-cards for 4/24 GSM-ports

– Power Unit for 12V

– 4/24 SMA-antennas

VoIP GSM Gateway “Polygator G20” 4-24 channels