GSM-gateways Polygator with Voice and SMS features based on OS Linux

GSM-Gateways represent universal hardware platform for reducing calls costs, SMS and termination.


Due to intensive usage of telephone communication in business, its cost is of utmost importance. When staff makes thousands of calls per month, company starts to receive huge bills and have to think about savings. Is there any way to cut the communication? The way exists and its name is GSM-gateways.

Usually, GSM-gateways (or GSM bridges) hold one or several SIM-cards of a mobile operator (just like in a typical mobile phone) and capable of establishing multiple concurrent calls. GSM-gateways architecture evolved with time from simple analogue units with only one SIM card to modern gateways that may serve dozens of SIM-cards concurrently. When combined with a so called SIM-bank, even hundreds of SIM-cards in remote locations may be involved.

Structurally, the gateways evolution was aimed at increased number of SIM-cargs. In addition, user interface for parameter setting, modern communication standards and PRI, VoIP protocols support are the must for all modern GSM-gateways.

Many companies purchase gateways to save and gradually start using them for SMSs and calls recording. Savings are the global goal therefore the gateway as a saving instrument remains widely used for many years. Those who apply it manage their costs successfully receiving additional voice channels for increased number of simultaneous conversations. After connection to the PBX , GSM-gateways will automatically direct the calls via the most cost effective SIM card.

GSM-Gateways Polygator

Polygator is the European company specializing on development and manufacturing of telecommunication equipment.

Polygator company develops and manufactures GSM-Gateways since 2000. Product line includes small, medium and high capacity gsm-gateways as well as advanced remote SIM-management solutions.

Polygator G8 GSM-gateway for 4/8 SIM-cards – is the most compact model. This portable device is easy to setup and it is highly reliable operating 24/7. In addition it may serve as standalone IP-PBX thanks to Asterisk pre-installed.

voip gsm gateway polygator g8
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For companies operating call centers, the number of channels is a key factor. The more channels are in the gateway, the more employees can simultaneously make or receive calls. The model Polygator G20 includes GSM-gateways for 4/8/1 2/16/20/24 channels. This device allows scaling step-by-step with extension GSM-Cards.

voip gsm gateway polygator
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Polygator K32 is the x86-processor based device capable of 8-32 concurrent call. Inserting 32 SIM-cards into the 32-channel unit will provide 32 concurrent lines. For example,  making 24 outgoing calls and have 8 incoming calls at the same time (total 32 calls). Polygator К32 model is based on an industrial computer chassis and includes GSM-gateways for 8/16/24/32 channels. Scaling is possible with PCIe/PCI GSM-cards.

8-32 channel gsm gateway Polygator K32
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Polygator manufactures devices with VoIP and PRI (E1) support for GSM and WCDMA networks. GSM-gateways may be either connected to an existing PBX either server as standalone IP-PBX.


PCI-express/PCI GSM-cards are the way to extend GSM-gateway K32 since it has free slots available. At the same time these boards able to serve as Asterisk GSM cards. As a result, such GSM card transforms an ordinary computers into a GSM-gateways.

PCI-e PCI Gsm card Polygator

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Application of GSM-Gateways and benefits

  • Gateway between cell networks and IP-PBX. Provides saving on outgoing GSM-calls rather then paying high costs for landline-to-GSM calls. At the same time it makes your clients pay less for calling your numbers.
  • Individual and Bulk SMS. In addition to calls – SMS is modern and universal media channel.
  • Call termination/origination. Establishing of GSM-gateways distributed network by the means of the SIM-server in almost no time.
  • Embedded IP-PBX Asterisk, embedded SMS-server.
  • Scalability and openness for adding custom Linux-software.

Warranty – 2 years. Free technical support – 1 year.